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2008 Rescues
Successful Rescue Missions

Richard from Graffam,  The PMRT Paid for a new powered recliner armchair for Richard of Grafham who has Motor Neurone disease and is now confined to a chair for most of the day. The electrically powered chair enables Richard to adjust his position himself giving him more independence and comfort.

Faye Bengree, £730.95 towards cost of Otto Bock add-on drive for her manual wheelchair.  Faye lives in Godmanchester and has a neuromuscular condition. The E-Support power add-on drive increases the range of activity. It gives her greater independence in her wheelchair without the loss of physical control and exercise.

Tomas Fiala-Price,

a 12 year old who has cerebral palsy, now benefits from an "e-motion power assist" for his wheelchair thanks in great part to a £1,650 donation to Pidley Mountain Rescue from The Huntingdon and District Caledonian Society: £1,200 of this donation was used as a contribution to Tomas' revolutionary wheelchair adaptation, which has made his first term at Sawtry Community College so much more enjoyable for him, allowing him to keep up with his friends.

A 15 Year old girl with ME, who wishes to remain anonymous, was given £450, the balance of the money from The Huntingdon and District Caledonian Society towards a collapsible 4-wheel scooter.  This has improved her quality of life, allowing her more independence.

(Update:  This young ladies condition has now improved and she as given the scooter back to the PMRT.  The scooter is now be available for re-issue to an new rescue.)

Peter from Perry,  The charity has purchased a Oxycycle Powered Pedal Exerciser for Peter who suffered a stroke earlier 2008 which has left him with Hemiparesis. The exerciser will help Peter to regain some strength in his affected leg and help with his rehabilitation.

Evelyn Wootten who is finding it more difficult to get about asked the Mountain Rescue Team for help. This was achieved by reallocating a collapsible wheelchair that had been returned from a previous rescue.

Michael Rigby, who is registered blind, has been given a computer with bespoke software for blind and partially sighted people.  Michael has undertaken a computer course at Camsight in Cambridge using Guide software which can magnify text and images, are read text in a crystal clear voice. Following his success on the course Michael who is determined to continue to improve his computer skills applied to the Pidley Mountain Rescue Team Charity for help. This is the first time PMRT has provide this kind of help but I am sure it will not be the last.  Cost was approx £900

Michael receiving his new computer and equipment from the PMRT Chairman, Kevin Doyle

Arthur from Warboys,   PMRT has passed on a TGA Powerpack which will fit Arthur's manual wheelchair.  The TGA Power Pak provides propulsion to the chair through additional wheels. This will make pushing much easier for his wife as she take him out and about in his wheelchair.  Arthur is now unable to walk following a stroke.

Sally from Great Staughton,   PMRT were able to re-issue a 4 wheeled electric scooter to Sally that had previously been on loan.  Sally has a life-time disability which has deteriorated over time.  The scooter ensures her continued independence.

An anonymous recipient from Huntingdon,   PMRT were able to help a partially sighted gentleman with the provision of a computer with specialist software and keyboard for the visually impaired.

Anthony from Old Hurst,  Anthony was given a reissued Panther Tricycle by the PMRT to improve his general fitness and recreation. 

Anthony can be seen using and enjoying his freedom on his tricycle.

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