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Alan Crawford of Eynesbury, St Neots - A communication from the IndependentAge charity supporting older people at home, requested that PMRT consider helping Alan fund a scooter which would give him the independence to go to church on Sundays and to get around without the need to rely on others.  The charity awarded Alan a grant of £750 towards the cost of a suitable scooter.

Kevin Slack-Humphreys from Yaxley  Kevin, who is a disabled single parent with twin teenage daughters, has relied heavily on them to wheel him around when going out shopping etc.  In order to give him and his daughters more independence, Kevin asked the PMRT for help to purchase a lightweight wheel chair that he would be able to lift in and out of the car by himself. Following an assessment and recommendation by the team's specialist, a grant of £900 was awarded towards the purchase of the wheelchair.

Mr Rodney Rudd from Warboys - Rodney is an ex member of the RAF who now suffers from Parkinson's Disease and has restricted mobility.  After contacting the PMRT for assistance Rodney now enjoys more independence with the aid of a Lightweight Mobility Scooter purchased by the charity with a grant of £995.

Hannah from Perry   Hannah is 5 yrs old and has cerebral palsy, she has problems with her balance and was advised that a special trike would be of benefit to her development.  Her mother asked if we could help to finance a Terrier Tricycle which would give her the correct support she needs and her independence.  With the help of a grant of £700 Hannah is now the proud owner of a new tricycle and in the picture is watched over by her little sister Katy.

Update The trike has made a huge positive impact on the life of Hannah and her family. Due to the added exercise Hannah is now able to pull up to standing position and it is all thanks to her new trike being so appropriate for her needs. 

Nikki from Ramsey   Nikki who suffers with Fibromyalgia, a condition that gives chronic widespread pain and a heightened and painful response to pressure.  Her constant pain has prevented her from getting a good nights sleep for a long time.  PMRT were asked to help by providing her with a new bed with a memory foam mattress to help ease the pressure on her body and therefore reduce the discomfort of lying down.  Following medical advice the PMRT have provided Nikki with a new bed at a cost of £750.  We hope she will now be able to sleep better which in turn will make her life more pleasant.

Jack from Hartford, Huntingdon   With the help of £2,200 from the PMRT, Jack a 7 year old boy who is blind and severely autistic now has a Sensory Garden which will help to give him some independence, while feeling secure in his own environment.  PMRT have helped to fund the ground work; providing clear pathways, leading to specific play activities, using constant landmarks and different textures to use his communication and independence skills established at school and at home. 

Sarah of Papworth Everard    At six weeks old Sarah who lives at Papworth Everard was diagnosed with a congenital illness that effects the brain leaving her partially sighted and not expected to walk.  With hard work and dedication by the medical teams Sarah can now walk with the aid of splints but still has a weakened left side and little use in her left hand.  In order to improve her life and give her more mobility and therefore independence as she grows older, the PMRT have provided her with a special purpose Terrier Tricycle which has been adapted to suit her needs.  The total cost of the tricycle was £728.40p.

  Read the thank you from Sarah's Mom

Derek of St Ives  Derek who has restricted mobility has been given a 'Go Go Elite Traveler Plus' - 4 Wheeled Electric Scooter at a cost of £700.   This has given him back his independence which has improved his quality of life.

Paul of Warboys  Paul who has restricted mobility due to medical conditions has been given a Sapphire electric scooter which cost £925. This is fully collapsible scooter which will fit in to the car.  Paul now has his independence and can accompany his wife on shopping trips.

6 Year old George from Earith  PMRT was approached by George's school for funding for a listening program.  The product is a Music-based Auditory Stimulation Method that is proven to help children with autism to develop better concentration and attention. The system cost £645 including professional assessment and monitoring.

Roger Norman of Somersham who has speech difficulties since been involved in an accident some years ago relied heavily on his old 'Lightwriter' speech simulator for communication.  Unfortunately, from continuous use over the years, his existing device failed and was declared beyond repair.  Roger, in desperation, turn for help to Pidley Mountain Rescue Team and has now received help with the purchase of a new 'Lightwriter'.  This enables him to once again communicate with those around him. The 'Lightwriter' system cost £3,200 of which Roger contributed £1,500 of his own money. 

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