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2011 Rescues
Below are some of the people we have rescued...

Sensory ball blanket - A 7-year-old boy from Warboys with ADHD, which includes sensory processing difficulties, has been given a sensory ball blanket. The blanket works as the weight from the loose balls presses at certain points of the body, which stimulates both the sensation of touch and the sense of muscle and joint. The many sensory impressions transmit inhibitory impulses to the central nervous system. This increases the sense of the body and its limits, and it provides confidence. The ball blanket has a tranquillising effect; our rescuee is now going to sleep with 10-15 mins rather than the stressful 2-3 hours in the past. It has helped his concentration as he is less tired during the day, as are his parents.

Teresa - from Upwood an elderly and physically infirm Lady who needed a buggy to give her back some independence.

Gwen with the newly installed chairlift.
Gwen Garner - from Pidley. PMRT paid for the chair lift to be installed. The chair lift was previously in another house in the village.

Alex using the Viliv communicator.
Alex Tidman - PMRT brought Alex a Viliv communications device.

The chair brought for john.
John - PMRT brought John a large chair to fit his size as he had no where to sit other than in his wheal chair.

Photo of Isaac Lawrence and Mum Hayley Lawrence.
Isaac Lawrence - 4 Years old Isaac gets a specialist mobility pushchair which allows the family to go on walks together.  Isaac likes to go to quiet places in the country side away from noise and crowds. This specialist pushchair allows the family to walk in places not normally accessible to wheelchairs.

Mrs Catherine Drain – from Stukeley received a Roma Sorrento portable mobility scooter to aid her in her mobility and reduce her dependence on her husband.

Frank from Pidley was having difficulty moving and wasn’t able to get out of his chair without help. The Pidley Mountain Rescue Team was happy to help out with a rise and recline chair, which gave him back his independence.

Ten-year old finds his voice

A ten-year old from Hemingford Grey, who has never spoken, has said hello to his Nan for the very first time thanks to a specialist communication aid. Matthew Robey is severely autistic and completely non-verbal. But now he is looking forward to talking to friends, family and carers thanks to his new Lightwriter which has given him a voice. 

Lightwriters are small, robust, portable text-to-speech communication aids specially designed to help people with speech loss resulting from a wide range of acquired, progressive and congenital conditions.

Funds for the £3,300 Lightwriter were provided by two local charities – the Pidley Mountain Rescue Team and Huntingdon and District Round Table.  

Chairman of Huntingdon and District Round table, Lee Brooks, said, “It is wonderful to be able to donate this money to the Matthew. We were all very moved by his story. Joint donations like this are important to us and it meant we were able to get the whole amount required for the Lightwriter to Matthew more quickly.”

Joe - a young lad of 14 who has no speech and limited sign language due to his physical disabilities.  PMRT supplied Joe with a Vilav S5 communicator allowing Joe to talk at the touch of a button using a touch screen key pad with simple signs and diagrams.  He can now talk to family, carers and friends at his wheelchair club.

Ellie Chamberlain – a trike was supplied for Christmas. Ellie suffers from Ataxia and is Hypermobile and has problems with her balance. As a result she falls constantly and can’t ride a standard bike. PMRT supplied a specialist Trike to help with her strength & confidence and allow her to go for short bike rides with her mum helping.

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